Our Story

How We Met: October 5th, 2012

On October 5, 2012, we were invited to a Friday night Swing dancing event from mutual friends. The wife told Tiffany all about this swing dancing event and she was ready to dance! The husband told Greg that they would go and listen to Jazz and enjoy wine. He thought it would be a fun evening.

Little did Greg or Tiffany know what many adventures would come.

Tiffany, ready to dance the night away, quickly realized the guys that her friend’s husband brought were not into swing dancing, but she was not about to sit around all night... she has too much energy for that!

She decided to ask this one cute guy to dance.

While he might have had two left feet, he was sure willing to try. By the end of the evening he finally got her number. Woot Woot!

First Date: December 1, 2012

Our first date was one that will not be forgotten. Tiffany, being from the north, enjoyed the season of fall. After living in Texas for a while, Tiffany believed that fall was becoming a myth. Fall in Texas consists of about two weeks where the leaves go from green to brown to the ground. No beautiful colors. She enjoyed picking apples and pumpkins, hayrides, and colorful leaves. Knowing this, Greg decided to take her on a haunted hayride that a high school was putting on. She talked all about hayrides... this would be perfect. Of course, this way not the case... The hayride was far from the perfect date, but it wouldn’t be memorable if it had turned out any other way.

Before the hayride, Greg took Tiffany out to a nice restaurant, so Tiffany was buttered up with tasty food first. Then they got to the hayride, which consisted of a pickup truck pulling a trailer...with no hay. How can you have a hayride with no hay?!

The hayride went around a loop and took about 10 minutes. FAR FROM A GOOD HAYRIDE. Afterwards, Greg was embarrassed about how crappy the hayride was and was stuggling to come up with a fun idea. They decided to go watch a fun movie back at Greg's parents place.

When the arrived, the were provided with an amusing scene: Greg's parents where passed out on the sofa. (Tiffany didn't mind, it’s not like she didn’t have many late nights coming home to her mother sleeping on the sofa back in the old days, but at least she was free from that embarrassment with Greg.)

Luckily, a not so great first date didn't scare Tiffany off.

Their friendship grew and grew over the next few months and into the years.

They went to airshows, gardens, museums, hikes, camping, road trips, and so many other fun places. Greg never thought that one person could walk so many miles at one time and at roadrunner speed! They even went back to the swing dancing events where they met! Later they started taking dance lessons and now they are "pros"!

The Proposal: May 31, 2017

Tiffany had always wanted to visit Colorado. She had heard it was an outdoor adventurer’s dream. Tiffany and Greg planned a trip to Colorado about a year in advance. In May 2017 they went on this wonderful camping trip. The car was packed with clothes, food, first aid kits, bug spray, sun screen, 2 dogs and a cat, they were ready to go! On May 31st, 2017 they headed out to visit Seven Falls. This was a great tourist location that Tiffany had found that was pup friendly and was said to have a stunning view. It definitely was all true! The only hiccup was the hiking was up 285 steps above the waterfall. Molly decided that the steps were way too scary for her to climb up and why did her humans even think she would want to climb back down them! Once retracing their steps and taking the shuttle back to the car, they tried their adventure again, but dog (and cat) free. This time they made it to the top of the waterfall, all those steps later, and went hiking. At the top of the waterfall was a couple of short trails, one of which had another beautiful waterfall. Greg decided this was the perfect spot. They sat, enjoyed the scenery, took lots of photos, while Greg tried his best to calm his nerves.

Tiffany noticed Greg was a bit more pale than usual and had a funny look on his face. Greg finally worked up his courage, and of course she said yes.