All About Greg!

Greg was born in raised in Arlington, Texas with his brother and sister (Alan and Stacy). He is the middle child, although he is just minutes older than Alan. Greg grew up playing soccer and baseball, practicing martial arts, and kicking butt at video games. As a child, he had a small myriad of pets such as a hamster, rabbit, fish, dog, and cat (Technically the cat was Stacy's).

He thoroughly enjoyed playing with building toys like K'Nex and would frequently spend hours building and tearing down things in his room.

Greg's interest in technology started when he was little as he enjoyed playing video games. One of the first games he really enjoyed Spy Hunter on the NES. When Greg was in high school, Greg and his Dad built a new desktop PC from scratch. Also in high school, he took his first programming class and started learning C++. In college, Greg majored in Web Programming and now works at a software company maintaining a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software. He works in PHP and Python programming languages.

Things Greg Likes To Do

Greg enjoys things like hiking and camping, checking out cool places, and visiting museums like the Natural Science Museums and planetariums. One of his favorite things to explore is caves, but no spelunking! Who the crap thought up of spelunking?! He is a big 'ole softy when it comes to the pups and other assorted critters, and couldt not imagine not having them around.

Greg loves to see experience new things, especially the majestic outdoors. One of the things that Greg wants to do above all else is visit a place with an absolute dark sky to see the stars with no light pollution. He is a huge technology fantanic and is always excited about the latest and greatest tech.