All about Tiffany!

Tiffany grew up in Northeast Ohio where she started her love for the outdoors. She has a brother, Brandon, and a sister, Brittany. Growing up, Tiffany’s family enjoyed traveling all over the United States. One of her favorite places to visit was close to home: Put-In-Bay Island, Ohio. She still enjoys going there when she makes the trip back home.

Some of Tiffany’s favorite memories include: tap and jazz class, playing baseball, figure skating, high school band, being part of plays and musicals at school, traveling with her family, building and shooting off model rockets with her dad, and making crafts with her mom.

She also loves the holiday seasons and all the fun that goes with it! Some of her favorites are putting up the Christmas tree, baking cookies, carving pumpkins, and many more! Tiffany’s favorite season is fall because she gets to enjoy visiting pumpkin patches, picking apples, hiking and biking. Now that she gets a very short fall season, she makes up for it by visiting Ohio each year in the fall.

When she was young, the one thing she wanted more than anything was to have a pet. She wanted a pet so badly that she would bring home worms and rocks for her mother. Finally, her parents decided that they were tired of the bugs and stones... Tiffany got her first goldfish! This was the best pet ever! She talked to her fish for hours, pet her fish, and cared for her when she was sick. She later got a pet bunny and she was in heaven! From there her pets only increased. She would later have two cats, another bunny, hamsters, rats, gerbils, mice, more fish, and her current babies of a cat, two dogs, two leopard geckos, and a bearded dragon.

Tiffany attended The Ohio State University where she was able to put her love of animals into her dream career. As many students who love animals, she wanted to be a veterinarian! However, she learned very quickly that she did not want to be in school that long! Tiffany graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Agriculture with a focus in Animal Science and a minor in Education. After graduation Tiffany received a job in Fort Worth, Texas and made a huge move to the Lone Star State. She has traveled all over the U.S., but Texas was never a place her family visited. She later learned why, too darn hot there! Seven years later she is still around and even though she never expected to stay (but she is sure glad she did!). While she is not fond of the Texas heat, she would never have met her sweetie and you all would not be reading this. ;-P

Tiffany is an outdoor loving individual and she doesn’t like to sit still too long! She enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking, biking, exploring new cities, museums, photography, anything animal related, and of course she loves the snow. One of her favorite pastimes is hiking in the snow with China. She has many family members that she has shared her adventures with. She has two dogs – China & Molly, a cat – Mittens, two leopard geckos – Gecko & Yoshi, and a bearded dragon – Toothless (Even though he has lots of little sharp teeth). These are just the ones she shares a home with! Her office is also full of furry, scaly, shelly, and bumpy critters.