The I-Do Crew

A Collection of our friends and family that we've asked to stand with us on our big day!

Alan Chrzanowski

Alan is Greg's twin brother! Alan is big into music and soccer and enjoys woodcrafts.

Sam Dunn

Tiffany and Sam have been friends since the 7th grade. Tiffany was stage manager and Sam was in the cast of their 7th grade play where they met. They were both in the band, drama club, musicals, and so much more! In high school they used to joke about how they would always be near each other and to this day they are only living an hour apart.

Adam Griffin

Adam is Greg's Best Friend

Greg and Adam met in Highschool Marching Band. Both of them played the same instrument and always heard from the directors that they should be more like the other... Adam and Greg started off with a bit of a rivalry because of that, but that couldn't stop them from being friends. Adam and his Wife recently had their first child! Stay Strong!

Sarah Stubblefield

Sarah and Tiffany have been friends since high school. They took most of their classes together and spend hours doing homework at each other houses. They became great friends over the years and know that the other person is just a phone call or text away when they need something.

Brandon Gorrell

Brandon is Tiffany’s younger brother. Brandon has the love of the outdoors like his sister.

He enjoys hiking, kayaking, football, and blue Jeeps and Corvettes.

He followed in Tiffany’s footsteps by playing trombone in the marching band at school.

Brittany Gorrell

Brittany is Tiffany’s younger sister. She got her love of animals from Tiffany and they couldn’t be more a like when it comes to critters.

Well… maybe not the scaly and buggy ones… but the furry ones for sure!

Just like Tiffany, she enjoys taking walks with her dog and puts him before anything else.

Stacy Chrzanowski

Stacy is Greg’s older sister. She has many fond memories of vacationing at the beach as a child with Greg.

Just like Tiffany, she enjoys photography and her puppy dogs.


Molly is a adventure loving pup who is always looking for an adventure! Tiffany and Greg adopted her 2 years ago.

Tiffany has worked hard over the years to train her and mold her into an amazing dog. She enjoys a good long walk, chasing her sister, a good old tennis ball, and a nice long nap.

She can't wait for the big day and to meet each one of you!

China Bear

China has been Tiffany's shadow for the past 10 years. Tiffany would want nothing less than having China by her side on her big day.

China enjoys long hikes, meeting critters on their daily walks, kayaking, and sunbathing in the yard. She is looking forward to all the treats that she hopes will come her way on the big day!

After all, she's the star of the event, right?